Steaming Or Boiling Vegetables?

Vegetables form an essential part of our daily meals. But it is up to us to learn how to cook them and eat them for a good and healthy life. Cooking vegetables the wrong way will only lose vitamins, minerals, colors and flavors in them. You will come across people boiling vegetables or steaming vegetables as a part of cooking. But steaming or boiling vegetables, which is better? Find the answer here in this article.

Boiling vegetables in water or any other liquid definitely results in loss of vitamins and minerals. Steaming vegetables is the preferred way over boiling by several food nutritionists and is seen as a healthy way of preparing them. When you steam vegetables, the loss of vitamins is significantly reduced. Moreover steaming vegetables also preserves their texture and flavor.

But if you must boil vegetables, then just follow these guidelines. It is always better cooking green vegetables in already boiling, salted water without a lid. If you have to boil the root vegetables, start them in cold water and bring to the boil with a lid on. Remember that boiling vegetables will always result in loss of vitamins and minerals.

Some other healthier ways of cooking vegetables are roasting or grilling them.

How long you cook you vegetables is another point to bear in mind. More nutrients will be lost the longer you cook them. Nowadays, people prefer to cook their vegetables lightly for few minutes so as to leave them brightly colored with a little crunchy taste.

Boiling or steaming vegetables? Well, we thing you have your answer now after reading this article. Steam vegetables if you want to get all those vitamins and nutrients inside your body. Steaming vegetables is fast and preserves nutrients. It will work best for fresh and frozen vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, spinach and roots like beets, parsnips, peas and beans.