Promote Vegetable Varieties

This article compiles information on popular and best vegetable varieties, to help you widen your choice when picking vegetables. Perhaps you are not aware of the new vegetable varieties which have entered the markets. Scientific research has again and again emphasized on the importance of eating healthy vegetables. The vast variety in vegetables is best for meeting our nutritional needs. Read on to know more on the subject.

Vegetable variety can be broken down into the following groups:

Leafy greens and brassicas: broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, callaloo, cauliflower, chard, kale, pak choi, spinach
Squashes: courgettes, cucumbers, gourds, marrows, pumpkins, squashes
Bulbs: garlic, leeks, onions (brown onions, button onions, pickling onions, red onions, Spanish onions, white onions), shallots, spring onions
Pods and seeds: broad beans, French beans, okra, peas, sweetcorn
Fungi: mushrooms such as button, chestnut, flat, oyster, porcini, shiitake
Roots and tubers: beetroot, carrots, cassava, celeriac, horseradish, Jerusalem artichokes, kohlrabi, mooli, parsnips, potatoes, radish, salsify, sweet potatoes, turnips, water chestnuts, yams
Vegetable fruits: aubergine, avocado, breadfruit, chillies, plantain, peppers, tomatoes
Stalks and shoots: asparagus, cardoon, celery, globe artichokes, fennel

Let us now take a look at the new vegetable varieties making their place in the markets:

Sultan cucumber: A small, thin-skinned, very sweet, Beit Alpha type.
'Millionaire' eggplant: This Japanese hybrid variety eggplant is great for summer barbecues and Asian curries
'Yum Yum' gold pepper: The elongated, long fruits look good on the deck and are very handy for use in kebabs.
Japanese Trifele black tomato: This heirloom variety's origin is Russian and are plum shaped and crack resistant.
'Bush Baby' summer squash: A mini zucchini-type squash.
Basil 'Cardinal': spicy, fragrant foliage crested by tightly packed clusters of deep cardinal-red flowers.
Beet 'Chioggia Guardsmark' : It has striking, alternating spiral stripes of bright magenta and white. with sweet, mild flavor.
Eggplant 'Gretel': A white eggplant, bearing clusters of glossy mini-fruit.
Watermelon 'Snack Pack' : A bright red, crisp and juicy, seedless watermelon of 3-4 pounds.
Melon 'Twice As Nice' : A new sort of dual-purpose melon., with a distinct dark yellow rind with the crisp, sweet white flesh.
Onion 'Deep Purple' : A dark red bunching type onion that colors up early.
Onion 'Red Candy Apple’: Wrapped in deep magenta-purple wrappers, it is said to be sweet enough to eat like an apple!
Squash 'Bush Baby' is a mini zucchini-type summer squash, ready to pick when 4-6 inches long. Skin is glossy green with pale green stripes. 49 days. (Jo)
Squash 'Buckingham': A bright golden zucchini-type summer squash.
Squash 'Honey Bear’: An acorn-type winter squash, with sweet-as-honey flavor when cooked.
Sweet Pepper ‘Merlot’: Large, thick-walled bells which begin green in color, change to white and finally a smoky purple and grow on compact disease-resistant plants.
Tomato 'Chocolate Cherry': A dark burgundy red.
Tomato 'Sweet Seedless' : An extra sweet ,the first seedless tomato.